Data Storage

Local & Cloud Data Storage at your Fingertips


Chances are, you’ve got data of some kind that is vital for your business. Customer data, client data, contracts, SLAs, signed terms and conditions, work processes, proprietary information, secret ingredients…

Well, you get the picture. Without your data, you don’t have a business anymore! That makes it pretty valuable and worth protecting. If you’re not in the field of technology (and we’re guessing that’s why you’re here) perhaps you’ve got some questions.

  • “How

    How much Storage do I need?

  • “Where

    Where should I Store my Data?

  • “How

    How is my Data Protected?

  • “Do

    Should I Backup my Data?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to go out and spend hours researching this process. XPERTEK can help assess your data storage needs, and put together a plan accordingly.

We offer solutions for both local network storage and cloud solutions. If that doesn’t mean much to you, don’t worry. The bottom line is that you need access to your data and the peace of mind that it is safe from hackers.

There are several factors that go into the recommendation we will make for your data storage. How many remote users do you have? How many access data in house?

The kind of data you have and how sensitive that data is also matters. If you’re storing consumer data like credit cards, etc., that’s considered very sensitive material.

How many files do you have and how large are they? What kind of applications are used to access those files? These are all things that our team will work through with you when you use XPERTEK to manage your business data.

Our Spectrum of Business Data Management Services

  • Is your business data regularly backed up? Where is the data stored? We can back up your data nightly, and store it in a secure location both at your local facility and in a remote data center.

  • Never waste time on waiting for software updates again. We monitor for updates and system failures, and schedule reboots when they are least disruptive to your workflow.

  • Don’t take a chance with your protection. Let us manage your anti-virus software and ensure no malware or harmful websites ever pose a threat.

Protect your valuable business data with local or cloud storage.


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