Antivirus Protection

Block them before they get in.


Did you know that anti spam and antivirus protection are two different things? You may have one, but you need both to be completely protected.


Anti virus software is used to protect PCs from harmful files, viruses, etc. at the workstation level.  This includes web filtering to prevent users from accessing harmful sites or sites that may expose the company to legal dangers (pornography, etc.).

We monitor the antivirus software from our location to ensure that all updates of virus definitions are performed regularly and properly, that any threats detected are proactively addressed 24/7.

Blocking harmful sites is also a facet of protection. We actively monitor and block harmful websites which includes sites that can bring unwarranted malware, or expose the company to legal liability. This function can be optionally deactivated at your request, for your site or specific workstations at your site.

XPERTEK completely manages the antivirus software, updates, and threat detection and mitigation process.  Viruses can cause lost productivity, lost data, system failures, or even risks of data being stolen (identity theft is often via virus/malware).


SPAM filtering is generally performed by the mail hosting provider.  Google Apps, which is our recommended platform, protects from this at their level, with the user (under our guidance as requested) having the ability to blacklist and whitelist sources to help make it more granular and personalized to their needs.

Our Spectrum of Business Data Management Services

  • Is your business data regularly backed up? Where is the data stored? We can back up your data nightly, and store it in a secure location both at your local facility and in a remote data center.

  • There is no one size fits all with data storage. Let us help you get what your business really needs whether that’s local network storage or access to data in the cloud.

  • Never waste time on waiting for software updates again. We monitor for updates and system failures, and schedule reboots when they are least disruptive to your workflow.

Start filtering and block them before they get in.


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