Small Business Data Management

Is your business data protected?


  • Lose Valuable Business Data?

    Would you lose valuable business data?

  • Lose Private Customer & Employee Data?

    Would you lose private customer & employee data?

  • Business Reputation Damaged?

    Would your business reputation be irreparably damaged?

  • Compliant with Consumer Data Protection Laws?

    Would you face legal action if not compliant with laws?

Think about all of the documents you spend hours working on every day at your business. Perhaps you have a spreadsheet for sales figures and growth. What about all of your employee data and payroll information? How about an algorithm that is your business’ intellectual property.

Your business data must be protected. Is yours? What would happen if you were to experience a data security breach? The ramifications of a breach can go far beyond losing your data, although that in and of itself would be immeasurably damaging.

Your very business reputation would be at stake. If you lost customer data, you may have to start all over with your marketing efforts. If you have not been compliant with laws in protecting consumer data, you could even face legal action.

While we aren’t trying to scare you, business data protection is one of the most important activities for a business owner. Data breaches are never expected. A good data protection plan is more than just a function of information technology for your business, it’s a series of policies and procedures that educate your customers and employees on how to properly handle data to prevent any activity that would make a breach more likely.

We train your staff on best practices on data handling; implement policies to help protect data; and ensure you have the option to have everything security replicated and backed up both on and offsite.

We serve small businesses across Dallas and Fort Worth, assisting with data backup, storage, and recovery.

Our Spectrum of Small Business Data Management Services

  • Is your business data regularly backed up? Where is the data stored? We can back up your data nightly, and store it in a secure location both at your local facility and in a remote data center.

  • There is no one size fits all with data storage. Let us help you get what your business really needs whether that’s local network storage or access to data in the cloud.

  • Never waste time on waiting for software updates again. We monitor for updates and system failures, and schedule reboots when they are least disruptive to your workflow.

  • Don’t take a chance with your protection. Let us manage your anti-virus software and ensure no malware or harmful websites ever pose a threat.

Let XPERTEK store & protect your small business data.


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