Internet Outages & Lost Connectivity

For business to run smoothly, Internet must be constant.


Your Internet connectivity is essential for daily business tasks like email, processing orders, billing, and even accessing customer data. If you lost your connection or your signal is weak and intermittent, your productivity is compromised.This is an issue that many business owners deal with for much longer than they should. Unless there’s been a power outage or another significant event, your connectivity, whether it be Internet, servers, or access to your data on the cloud, shouldn’t waver each day.

Your uptime is the only thing that matters to XPERTEK. We take your Internet/server connections so seriously that we offer programs to monitor them on a daily basis for you. That means our clients who choose a managed services packaged have the security of knowing that  before they  tell us there’s a problem we’re already working on the solution.

XPERTEK’s owner Perry Brulotte explains the network infrastructure like this:
“It’s like the foundation that your house is built on. With a good foundation you can have a good house. With a poor one, everything else is unstable. This is how network infrastructure is to a modern business’ technology and operations.”

More Common IT Problems

  • If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file or tried to do a data backup yourself, you know it can be difficult. Trust us with your data and never worry about the security of your files.

  • Is your business protected from hackers and data security breaches? There’s more than your productivity at stake including legal consequences and corrupt data. Protect your systems and information.

  • Waiting to hear back from your “IT guy” for days? You deserve better. We are known for rapid response and rapid service. For managed service customers, our response is within two hours.

Keep your business connected and productive.


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