Hackers & Data Security Breaches

Hackers are now targeting small businesses more than ever before.


Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we hear business owners say is that “we’ll get that level of security when we get bigger…”

Not so. Your customer’s information is valuable, and needs to be protected. Not to mention your company’s intellectual property and employee data. If you’re in the business of processing payments, that’s another level of security as well.

Systems are inherently vulnerable to viruses that infiltrate via SPAM, hackers, and other black hat methods. Symptoms of an infection or data breach include: slow system operation, software errors, and data lockouts. The impact is far reaching as your business will lose productivity due to downtime and a lost or slow connection, or simply waiting for data to be retrieved. When it is, after an infection chances are the data has been corrupted.

You might say “I’ve got a firewall installed, so I’m protected!” XPERTEK can evaluate your level of protection if you’ve got existing hardware in place. Security should be delivered both at the site/network level in the form of firewalls and secure WIFI, and also at the workstation level with antivirus, anti-malware, and web filtering to protect those who work both in and out of the office. Our antivirus solutions are designed to work at the workstation level so company laptops are protected even when they’re not on site.

Let XPERTEK IT ensure you’re protected against viruses and malware.

More Common IT Problems

  • As a business owner, downtime spells trouble. Your connection facilitates your productivity and must be reliable. You should have access to Internet and your data on the cloud whenever you need it.

  • If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file or tried to do a data backup yourself, you know it can be difficult. Trust us with your data and never worry about the security of your files.

  • Waiting to hear back from your “IT guy” for days? You deserve better. We are known for rapid response and rapid service. For managed service customers, our response is within two hours.

Get protection from hackers and viruses today.


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