Data Loss & Data Recovery

Your data is the core of your business.


If someone asks you if your data is backed up and you have to hesitate, you probably need an update. There are many situations in which data could be lost: power outages, hardware failures, and theft. Data recovery procedures must be a part of any small business technology infrastructure. Despite common misconceptions, data storage and backup doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor.

Our disaster recovery solution for Dallas and Fort Worth small businesses includes a managed online backup performed once per day. We store your data both locally (for quick recovery) and in a secure data center online to protect you in the case of a physical disaster such as a fire or flood. We also actively monitor and manage your data backups to ensure that everything is backed up properly every day.

If that doesn’t make you feel secure, nothing will! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your data is not your responsibility? Trust your most important files to XPERTEK.

More Common IT Problems

  • As a business owner, downtime spells trouble. Your connection facilitates your productivity and must be reliable. You should have access to Internet and your data on the cloud whenever you need it.

  • Is your business protected from hackers and data security breaches? There’s more than your productivity at stake including legal consequences and corrupt data. Protect your systems and information.

  • Waiting to hear back from your “IT guy” for days? You deserve better. We are known for rapid response and rapid service. For managed service customers, our response is within two hours.

Trust XPERTEK for data file recovery.


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