XPERTEK will help you figure out what the problem is and fix it fast.


  • Small Business Internet Outages and Lost Connectivity

    Is your internet or email constantly going down?

  • Small Business Data Loss and Data Recovery

    You lost valuable business data that you couldn’t recover?

  • Small Business Hacker and Data Security Breaches

    Are you at risk or have you had trouble with computers due to a hacker or virus?

  • Small Business IT Repairs

    When you have had an issue in the past, does it take days or weeks to resolve?

Information technology (IT) should not be a daily source of frustration for a business owner. Unfortunately, when we hear from potential clients they’re often in a tough situation dealing with expensive problems. IT issues not only cost business owners money to fix, they also negatively impact revenue as these common IT problems are impacting their bottom line.

You may not even know what the technology issue is, and that’s okay. If something isn’t working for you or is costing you money because your systems are either down or slow as molasses, we’ll help you figure out what the problem is and fix it fast.

If you have one of these common IT problems in your business, call us. We’re experienced in small business and we’re here to fix your IT headaches. We serve Dallas and Fort Worth business owners, including surrounding suburbs like Plano, McKinney, Arlington, Richardson, Grapevine, Grand Prairie, Allen, Garland, and more.

More Common IT Problems Small Businesses Face

  • As a business owner, downtime spells trouble. Your connection facilitates your productivity and must be reliable. You should have access to Internet and your data on the cloud whenever you need it.

  • If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file or tried to do a data backup yourself, you know it can be difficult. Trust us with your data and never worry about the security of your files.

  • Is your business protected from hackers and data security breaches? There’s more than your productivity at stake including legal consequences and corrupt data. Protect your systems and information.

  • Waiting to hear back from your “IT guy” for days? You deserve better. We are known for rapid response and rapid service. For managed service customers, our response is within two hours.

These common IT problems shouldn’t be the norm for your business. THERE IS A BETTER WAY: XPERTEK IT.


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