XPERTEK provides on-site & remote small business desktop support.


Things will go wrong. Technology malfunctions, computers break. Do you have a trusted provider in your corner that you can call for help?

Will they respond quickly?

XPERTEK is in your corner. We offer desktop support before you know you need it with pro-active monitoring for malware threats, viruses, and other computer desktop problems. When you need help troubleshooting an application or setting up new software, we’ll be there. Both our managed and protected plans offer remote support, and the cost of our plans is significantly less than our competitions’ desktop support offerings, often as much as 50 – 60% less.

If you’ve got a problem, you shouldn’t have to wait four days for your “IT guy” to respond, let alone solve the issue. Our desktop support is cost efficient for your business because many times common issues can be resolved remotely. However, sometimes on-site support is required. You can trust that XperTek will guide you through support methods in a way that resolves the matter quickly, saving you time and money.

Our Spectrum of Business Technology Services

  • Your call quality should be crystal clear, and you also should have access to features you need the most like voicemail, auto attendants, call recording, and more. Get what you need with VoIP phone service for your business.

  • Tired of managing email users and figuring out how to effectively filter spam? Spend your time sending messages and communicating with customers and employees instead.

  • There are a lot of devices that need to interact in an office including printers, computers, servers, and mobile phones or tablets. We’ll get them working together seamlessly.

  • If you’re moving offices it’s a great time to evaluate your technology needs. Are you adding new employees? How many computers will be in your new office and who will set up in your new facility? We can help.

Let XPERTEK assist you with remote IT support.


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