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XPERTEK IT services small to medium sized businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and beyond. With more than 25 years’ experience, we keep you safe, secure, and connected no matter where or how you operate your business.

Our spectrum of business technology services spans from business email and phone, to network and data protection and monitoring connectivity.  We make things easy for business owners like you, offering remote and on-site service depending on the need. Working with XPERTEK is like having an in-house IT team, without the price tag. We’ll respond just as quickly, if not faster! Whether you need helpdesk support for your current computer systems or you’re looking to upgrade, our experts offer tools and training that are personalized for your business needs.


Our Spectrum of Business Technology Services

  • Your call quality should be crystal clear, and you also should have access to features you need the most like voicemail, auto attendants, call recording, and more. Get what you need with VoIP phone service for your business.

  • Tired of managing email users and figuring out how to effectively filter spam? Spend your time sending messages and communicating with customers and employees instead.

  • Who will you call when a computer program malfunctions and you can’t complete daily tasks? Get on-site or remote support fast to get back up and running.

  • There are a lot of devices that need to interact in an office including printers, computers, servers, and mobile phones or tablets. We’ll get them working together seamlessly.

  • If you’re moving offices it’s a great time to evaluate your technology needs. Are you adding new employees? How many computers will be in your new office and who will set up in your new facility? We can help.

  • Is your business data regularly backed up? Where is the data stored? We can back up your data nightly, and store it in a secure location both at your local facility and in a remote data center.

  • There is no one size fits all with data storage. Let us help you get what your business really needs whether that’s local network storage or access to data in the cloud.

  • Never waste time on waiting for software updates again. We monitor for updates and system failures, and schedule reboots when they are least disruptive to your workflow.

  • Don’t take a chance with your protection. Let us manage your anti-virus software and ensure no malware or harmful websites ever pose a threat.


Perry Brulotte - Owner & President of XPERTEK IT

XPERTEK was truly designed with the small business in mind. For 25 years I worked in various aspects of the corporate technology world, doing everything from developing and designing accounting software to building international communications networks. Throughout that time I realized that small companies didn’t have anyone serving their technology needs at the same level as the large enterprises. Why not? Small organizations should have access to technology product and support that meets their business needs, just like the large enterprises, without breaking the bank.

In 2011 I started XPERTEK to deliver just that.

Using techniques developed for larger organizations, I scaled everything to fit companies from five to fifty people–small businesses. I was careful to develop services for small businesses without sacrificing the security or reliability of the technologies used by those companies. At every stage of the process I asked myself a simple question: “how would I want it done if this were my company?” and applied this to every aspect of XPERTEK policy and procedure. Every small business, and every small business owner, has unique needs that have to be addressed. No two of us are the same, and neither are our businesses.

With that in mind, we deliver connectivity services through the major carriers including business telephone services; commercial email solutions; and network, server, and desktop support–all at a value that is unmatched in our market. Because XPERTEK exists solely to serve small businesses, it’s all designed to SCALE to your individual needs.

Experience our service and record response time, and you’ll never go back to the way things were before.


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