December App of the Month for Dallas Business Owners

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December App of the Month for Dallas Business Owners

XPERTEK's App pf the Month - Google Hangouts

At XPERTEK IT, our primary concern is helping Dallas – Fort Worth area businesses be as productive as possible. We offer managed services to ensure all your technology is running smoothly and you never experience downtime or interruptions.

While providing managed services to Dallas businesses is our core, we want to go one step further. The whole purpose of technology is to make your life easier, more streamlined, and more productive. There are countless programs and applications available that can save you time while enhancing every day tasks for you and your team.

Each month we’ll provide a review of a featured application we recommend for Dallas Fort Worth business owners. These apps that we review will help your business in one of the following areas:

  • App of the Month - Data Security
    Data Security
  • App of the Month - Productivity
  • App of the Month - Time Management
    Time Management
  • App of the Month - Data Storage
    Data Storage
  • App of the Month - Communication Needs


How many times have you been away from your computer and suddenly realized you were supposed to be on a conference call? Then the panic begins to set in. Where’s the link? The call-in number? The PIN? Now you have to download extra software? What a nightmare!

There is a better way with Google Hangouts. This application has come a long way from being a desktop function inside your gmail account. Google Hangouts is a one-stop messaging platform. You can use it on any mobile device or computer. If you operate with a BYOD policy in place, no problem. Google Hangouts is both Android, iOS, and web compatible. All you need is a Google account to send texts, conduct voice calls, and video chat. This app streamlines all of your communication.

With Google Hangouts you can:

  • Send instant messages from your browser, from an Android device or your iPhone
  • Have a Project Fi or Google Voice account? Use Hangouts on your browser to send SMS.
  • You can also integrate Hangouts with your voicemail on Android phones.
  • Chat with up to 10 participants for free.
  • You can even use Google Hangouts outside of your browser by getting the Chrome extension.
  • Integrate with SMS on Android phones.

Need more convincing?

  • It’s Free.
  • Integrate your messaging.
  • Stable, high quality video chat.
  • Your employees will have no excuse to miss a meeting.
  • International calling may be cheaper for you.
  • No Third Party Apps or complicated call-in features.

Try it and let us know what you think! We welcome your feedback. Do you have a favorite application you use for your Dallas business? Tell us about it. Be sure to sign up for the XPERTEK IT newsletter to get more technology tips like these.

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