Did you know the Google Pixel Phone can Do That?

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Did you know the Google Pixel Phone can Do That?

Google Pixel Phone - Photo Courtesy of https://madeby.google.com/phone/

Less than a month ago, Google released their first phone, Google Pixel. Completely and wholly owned, manufactured, and marketed by Google. No partnerships. No co-sponsors.

This is Google hardware. We’re entering a new era.

Google rarely disappoints so to say we had high expectations would be an understatement. There are so many features that we love about this phone, we thought we’d share them with you from a real user perspective. You can satisfy your craving for all of the specifications and details if you’re after that by heading over to the Android Central complete Google Pixel Review. Allow us to sum that up for you: the end of the review highly recommends the Google Pixel as the smartphone to buy in 2017.

At XPERTEK IT we advocate (and use ourselves) all kinds of Google products; it’s a smart and efficient way to run a business. So let’s get down to business and talk about features.

Google Pixel Phone Features - Speedy Charging- Photo Courtesy of https://madeby.google.com/phone/

Sick of charging your phone all the time? Tired of sloppy, slow performance and apps freezing up? Our first reaction was that the Pixel is seriously speedy. It makes any other phone on the market look like you’ve aged ten years. And have you ever heard of a phone that charges in 15 minutes? That’s now a reality, you can get seven hours of juice in just 15 minutes of charging.

Google Pixel Phone Features - Phone + Media Storage- Photo Courtesy of https://madeby.google.com/phone/

The fun stuff on here is worth switching alone. Sharper pictures and video – and STABLE video. Want to take a video while running? Sure. Low light? No problem. Vivid color, each and every shot. It’s impressive. Not to mention the live wallpapers are stunning. You can grab a live-updating screenshot from your favorite place in the world, or a famous monument, or hold Yosemite National Park in your hand every day. We like that escape from the office. Oh yeah, and did we mention that you have NO STORAGE LIMITS?

Google Pixel Phone Features - Artificial Intelligence - Photo Courtesy of https://madeby.google.com/phone/

It’s nearly 2017 and we’ve come a long way. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and now Google Assistant are all viable options. You could say that Google Assistant is what really sold the Pixel. We found that the Google Assistant is much more conversational, carrying intelligence from one piece of conversation to the next. You get voice recognition when the phone isn’t active – no buttons. You have to try it to believe it; all we can say is that Google Assistant is far superior.

Google Pixel Phone Features - No Software Updates or Bloatware- Photo Courtesy of https://madeby.google.com/phone/

Raise your hand if you’re sick of annoying software updates from your phone and/or carrier. None of that anymore. First, it’s the only Google phone, not just an Android. You get Google software updates as soon as they’re released. Also? No extra junk apps. You only get what is typical of Google – just what you need. And it works, just like it should.

Google Pixel Phone Features - 24/7 Customer Service- Photo Courtesy of https://madeby.google.com/phone/

Last thing we love? No trips to the Genius Bar. You can get help whenever you need it with 24/7 customer service right on your phone, complete with screen sharing. Now, as a technology company that provides a lot of similar help-desk services, we can say this is huge. We all need assistance from time to time so why not make it easy?

If you’re switching from an iPhone to the Pixel, have no fear. This is the easiest phone swap you’ll ever do, because the Pixel actually comes with an adapter that allows you to plug in your iPhone and transfer all your data instantly. No fuss. It doesn’t get much more “plug and play” than that.

Use the Pixel for personal, use them for business. It’s not just another Android phone, this is the BEST Android phone. The staff at XPERTEK IT uses the Pixel exclusively!

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