How to Manage Technology when Onboarding New Hires

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How to Manage Technology when Onboarding New Hires

Onboarding New Hires - Re-evaluate Small Business IT Needs

If you’re a growing small business, you know all about hiring and onboarding new employees. You also know that onboarding new employees requires a significant time investment. First, it takes hours to search, locate and vet the right candidates, conduct interviews, and finally to acclimate and then train your new employee. Throughout this onboarding process your focus is almost entirely on the new employee, and rightly so.  However, small business owners often forget to consider onboarding from a technology perspective, aside from the urgent or haphazardly setting up of a new email address.

Onboarding new employees during a time of growth is an excellent time to evaluate your technology, especially your business computers, network, and phone system.

There are opportunities to maximize the success of your new hires, even before they start. We understand your life as a business owner; you’re just trying to keep up with the day-to-day. But if you fail to take a look at how your business growth impacts your technology and vice versa now, as your customer base keeps growing, down the road, you’ll wish you had.

Before you start hiring:

Consider how fast your business is growing. How many employees do you think you’ll need to hire? One? Ten? If you know that you’ll be adding more employees over the next few months or year, now is the time to consider what changes will need to be made.

Moving & Growth are the TOP Two Reasons to evaluate your Small Business IT Services Provider.

As you consider how many employees you need to add over the next several months, look at each facet of your technology infrastructure. You can refer to our house diagram and check out each level.

Can your day-to-day communications platforms handle added traffic?

Can your current phone system handle an addition? Will your employee be working from home or at the office at an extension? Do they need the ability to forward phone calls to a personal device? Along with your business phone system, what about email? This is one of the most basic requirements for a new employee; they need an email address. But can your email system handle a new account? What kind of volume do you expect for this employee? Does your email solution offer built-in shared calendar functions, synchronization between email devices, or other modern communication needs?

Is your Network up to the job?

Information travels. Where are you keeping it? In the cloud? Local servers? What’s your plan to get your new employee(s) hooked up to the network?

Devices & Hardware

Is your employee going to be using a desktop or a laptop? Who is setting that up for them? Don’t forget that device use is a part of data protection and security. Have a plan in place to discuss what can or cannot be done on personal devices like cell phones and laptops and ensure that all devices employees use to access your data are properly protected against malware threats.


Part of that device discussion is mobility. If you expect your employee to do work like check email and access company information outside of the office, you’ll need to make a way for them to accomplish that work, securely and conveniently.


Make sure you have a data backup system in place from the very beginning of an employee’s time with you. So many business owners fail to consider this, and employees don’t know where to store information unless they’re told. Unless you want everything housed in an email platform or on a desktop where it can easily be lost or worse, stolen, take the time now to decide what your data storage plan is and communicate it to your employees.

If you’ve got questions about onboarding new employees and technology, we have answers. We meet with business owners in Dallas all the time whose only regret is that they didn’t find us sooner. Don’t waste your valuable time dealing with technology issues that hamper your productivity and stunt your growth. Let us help you build out a plan that allows your growing business and its corresponding technology to scale as you do. Technology should be adapted to fit your needs, not the other way around.

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