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Get a Better Business Phone System

Small Business Phone Service

One of the first things you do when starting a small business is to source a legitimate phone system. You can’t answer customer phone calls from a personal cell phone forever! A business phone system is an important component in projecting a professional image. Having a business phone system gives your customers confidence and reinforces the idea that you are reliable and established.

Where should you start when looking for a business phone system, or when deciding if it is time to upgrade? Consider your business’ needs. How many offices, physical locations, and employees do you have? Is your business domestic or global? What kind of phone system features would be beneficial to you. Do employees work in the field? How virtual is your office? Do you need to be connected to employees who work remote?

As a small business owner, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice basic phone system capabilities because of a price barrier. You also shouldn’t have to purchase a bigger phone system than you need to get those capabilities.

A Real Life International Business Phone System Customer of XPERTEK IT

One of our current clients has an office in the USA and one in India. They have need for only two employees here in the USA, and ten more in India. When discussing phone system needs with them, they expressed concern about the cost of forwarding calls from the U.S. office to India, as their clients are all U.S.-based.

By employing a business-grade VoIP system, we were able to eliminate all international call charges.

Business grade VoIP products, such as the ones we use, transmit all voice data as ‘data’ over the open internet, in packets, just like email or streaming video.  This means that there is no transmission or ‘call charge’ for the calls.  It’s the same whether you’re calling a phone here in the USA or in India or anywhere else, as long as it has a U.S. phone number.  As this client only needed U.S. access, we proposed a system that leveraged that.

But it gets better. The employees in the United States can now dial India just as if it’s in the next room, or down the hall. Remember this is one company, with two locations. Both locations are on the same business phone system, so they can call among the phones using simple 3-digit extension numbers!

If you recall, they were worried about the cost, specifically for international charges. This is the best part! They estimate the new VoIP phone system will save them between $600-$700 per month in long distance charges.

Your business is unique. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to business phone systems and services.

Free Business Phone Audit

Why not find out if you could get a better deal for less? It is completely FREE to find out if XPERTEK IT can save you money on your business phone system. Not only that, the process is quick, easy, and there’s no obligation.

If we don’t have a better solution for you, we’ll be happy to tell you that up front.

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