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Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions – Why You Should Use Them Too

Our Favorite Google Chrome Extensions - XPERTEK

Let us start by saying that if you haven’t taken advantage of your Google account and all that it has to offer, you could be spending a lot of extra, unnecessary time managing everything from your email to your documents and spreadsheets.

Want to unlock all of these services and more? Sign up for a Gmail or Google Apps account today and make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Google Chrome and set it as your preferred browser. Once you’ve got a Gmail or Google Apps account you can be logged in on Chrome and switch from function to function without having to sign in each time.

Using Google Chrome has all kinds of advantages from security to business management and organization. Today we’d like to highlight the Google Chrome extensions we recommend.

Google Chrome Extension - UBlock Origin

Do ads constantly pop up in your browser and annoy you? Get rid of them and any other popup content that could distract you from your final destination or potentially bring you some unwanted malware.

Not sure you want to block every single ad? This extension is smart enough to allow you to set preferences on what you’d like to see. Choose from existing lists to filter content.

Google Chrome Extension - HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is the web protocol that signifies you’re visiting a secure website. This is especially important if you’re on a website where you’re giving away confidential data like payment information.

Protect yourself from Fraud. The function of HTTPS Everywhere is simply to convert any HTTP sites to the secure HTTPS format. Pretty cool.

Google Chrome Extension - Google Sheets & Google Docs

Google has essentially developed their own word processing and spreadsheet applications through Google Sheets (similar to Excel) and Google Docs (think Microsoft Word). No compatibility issues here, you can export files to be opened in any of the Microsoft programs you need.

What makes these such great alternatives? The ability to collaborate and edit in real time. If you’ve got a small sales force or a marketing team that needs to provide input and feedback, all is possible with these applications. Leave comments or make edits without the hassle of tracking edits or changes. It’s all done automatically!

Google Chrome Extension - Google Keep

This notekeeping app is so much more than that. Set reminders, transcribe text from images, and generally keep your entire life in order.

You can easily pull notes over into Google Docs for sharing and collaboration.

Google Chrome Extension - Google Drive

Struggling with version control on all your work documents? Use Google Drive. It’s a virtual file cabinet; a place to store your files and collaborate with employees and team members in real time. No more crazy filenames with extensions to remind you what revision that proposal is on.

Don’t worry about security (as long as you’ve got a strong Google password) because only files that you have designated as shared can be seen by anyone else.


You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive software that may or may not be compatible with your network and devices. The HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin are excellent, easy-to-use tools that boost your security. Your office becomes virtual when using these applications because they can be accessed from everywhere and updated in real time. No waiting for a software update. No saving one thousand versions each time there is a revision. It’s all done for you.

Best of all? These are free programs. Stay secure and reap the benefits of these Chrome Extensions to get access quickly without ever having to leave your browser.

Looking for more tips like these? Wait until you see what we can do. Streamline your technology infrastructure and save money at the same time. It’s possible with XPERTEK IT. Our rapid response can’t be beat, and nobody knows small business better than us.


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